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Exhibitor Technical Presentation Webinars Free

Webinar, Online | July – August 2022

We have curated a series of exhibitor technical webinars presented by industry partners and professionals in the medical technology and healthcare sectors. Take a look at the programme below:

6 July 2022
1000 - 1100 hrs(UTC+8)
This session will be available for on-demand viewing from 1 August for registered visitors.
1IntegriMedical Pvt Ltd
Presented By: IntegriMedical Pvt Ltd
Topic: IntegriMedical Needle Free Injection Systems

IntegriMedical is a US based organization with operations in USA, Europe, India & Hongkong. We are launching a new generation of needle free cartridge injectors which utilizes high velocity mechanical power to administer low viscosity drugs or biologics such as vaccines, insulin, or anesthetics effectively and consistently via Intramuscular and Subcutaneous approaches.

The Needle Free Injection System is non-invasive, comfortable and reduces bruising typically associated with multiple injections. The system delivers between 0.1 ml to 0.5 ml of liquid medication under the skin, in less than 1/10th of a second. It is ideal for pediatrics in minimizing needle phobia to geriatrics with fragile skin. The Needle Free Cartridge System eliminates the risk of needle stick injuries and cross contamination and doesn’t need to be disposed in dangerous sharps containers.

The system is compact, lightweight, easy to use device which provides comfort for patients and transformative safety for healthcare professionals.
Mark Timm
CEO, IntegriMedical LLC

Mark Timm
2Seal Shield
Presented By: Seal Shield
Topic: UV-C Disinfection of Mobile Technology in a Hospital Environment

The proliferation of mobile technology in the hospital environment creates new vectors for cross-contamination of non-critical medical equipment with microbes responsible for HAIs. According to most regulatory guidelines, mobile devices used in service of patients should not only be cleaned, but disinfected appropriately as well. UV-C technology has much potential for disinfecting mobile devices, but there are challenges that must be overcome in design, implementation, and practice. Concerns surrounding materials degradation resulting from UV exposure must be addressed, as well as standards for use. Appropriate protocols must be instituted on a case-by-case basis that allow for quick turnaround, compliance enforcement, and auditability. Users must be educated to ensure effectiveness of instituted programs.
Christian Davis
SVP Product Development and Technology, Seal Shield, LLC

Christian Davis is Seal Shield’s Senior Vice President of Technology and the inventor of the ElectroClaveTM. Christian’s designs can be found in Seal Shield’s infection control offerings of medical grade keyboards, mice, and screen protectors. In these products, he has combined waterproof electronic designs with antimicrobial material sciences to bring the first ever washable and antimicrobial keyboard and mouse to healthcare. Over his career he has specialized in bringing bleeding edge technologies to commercial fruition. His projects have ranged from NASA-based technologies for air purification to psychometric driven engines for automated talent acquisition. In 2013, Christian was named “BEST CIO,” by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Christian’s education background is in electrical and computer engineering from Florida State University, with continued education at Northwestern University on executive product strategy.
Christian Davis
3Simco-Ion, Technology Group
Presented By: Simco-Ion, Technology Group
Topic: Air Ionization - A Key Requirement for Medical Device Manufacturing to Ensure Reliability, Safety and Yield

Static electricity is the cause of some of the most common reliability, safety, yield, and quality issues in medical device manufacturing. Two major quality problems are Electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) and electrostatic attraction (ESA) of foreign materials/particulate. It is estimated that these two factors amount to millions of dollars of loss throughout the medical device industry each year. Over ninety percent (90%) of particulate contamination yield losses can be resolved by eliminating/reducing the static charge on products. Air ionization is a primary solution for ESA & ESD.

Proper implementation of air ionization systems can mean the difference between a contaminated and ESD-damaged medical device or a high-quality product that meets and exceeds medical professionals' quality and reliability expectations.
Carl Newberg
Applications Engineering Manager, Simco-Ion, Technology Group

Carl Newberg is the Applications Engineering Manager with Simco-Ion, Technology Group, developing ionization solutions for the Life Science sector of high-tech manufacturing.  With a BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering, an MS Degree in Materials Science, and a professional engineer’s license (Met. Eng.), he is also an iNARTE Certified ESD Engineer and is one of the first to test and receive certification from the ESDA as a Certified ESD Program Manager. 

Carl has dedicated much of his expertise in various capacities to the ESD Association since 1995; as a member, a board member (2005-2011), the Technical Program Committee Chairman (2004), Vice Chairman (2005), General Chairman (2006) and as Standards Committee Chairman, overseeing standards development for the ESD Association.
Carl Newberg
27 July 2022
1500 - 1600 hrs(UTC+8)
This session will be available for on-demand viewing from 1 August for registered visitors.
Topic: Medical rubber products and their composites in sustainable factories.

Asahi Rubber has started accepting not only for high-performance rubber products but also mating and assembling with resin parts as well.

As rubber products, we manufacture high-quality, stable-functioning slit rubber for three-way stopcocks and PFS gaskets used for medical equipments.
As assembled products, we manufacture check valves for hemodialysis circuits as well

With the aim of establishing a sustainable production system, we produce at factories that use clean energy with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions.
In doing so, our factories have solar panels installed that generate electricity by ourselves and as a result, we hold CO2 emission. Further, in order to meet quality requirement for medical equipments, we realize molding process that meet customers needs, acquiring ISO13485 and with a clean room environment (ISO class 7).
Katsuyuki Kanetsuna
Katsuyuki Kanetsuna
2ESQ Ltd
Presented By: ESQ Ltd
Topic: Introduction of High-Precision Metal Tubes for Medical Devices

E.S.Q. is a manufacturer of high-precision metal tubes for various industries. The company is founded in August 2000 and has a long-standing experience in supplying precision metal tubes made of a wide variety of
metal alloys including precious metals.

Since its foundation, the company has expanded its factory and upgraded its production by designing and constructing a semi-clean room within its premises in order to meet ever-increasing demands in the medical industry. This presentation will focus on its products mainly used in medical devices such as endoscopes, catheters, and stents.
Akihisa Matsuno
Sales Representative, E.S.Q. Ltd, Japan

2009~2018 Collaboration Coordinator, Head Office of Enterprise Partnerships, Tohoku University
2019~ Global Business Development Manager, Clino Corporation
2019~ Sales Representative, E.S.Q. Ltd
Akihisa Matsuno
3Hundred Inc
Presented By: Hundred Inc
Topic: Development of Experimental Animal Equipment

To save the lives of laboratory animals that support our development, we are developing equipment that interchangeably guarantees the welfare of laboratory animals, the safety of engineers, and the efficiency of animal experiments.Laboratory animal technicians are professionals who require skill and experience.

Physical burdens on animals, the success rate of practices, and the efficiency of experimentation depend on the technical ability.As a company that manufactures products for laboratory animals, we have sought to develop animal restraint products and lab infusion sets that are “gentle on animals and people”.
Naoyuki Kayamoto

I used to be at a veterinary pharmaceutical company for years. Hundred Inc. is committed to businesses for laboratory, companion and industrial animals.
Naoyuki Kayamoto
Topic: TSK to the World

・Introducing TSK's innovative products since launching in 1974.
・Company profile.
・Biopsy and aesthetic range of product.
・OEM&ODM product.
・Upcoming exhibitions. The reason we decided to participate in MMA.
Nicholas Harrison
International Sales Person

After graduating and move to Japan
・worked as a English teacher for 8 years in public schools
・run his own English school for 4 years along side English import store
・worked for Tochigi prefecture as a tourism agency for the marketing materials
・Joined TSK in 2021 February
Nicholas Harrison
11 August 2022
1500 – 1600 hrs(UTC+8)
This session will be available for on-demand viewing from 1 August for registered visitors.
1MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
Presented By: MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
Topic: Reduce Time to Market through Virtual Molding

Systematic approach in product and mold development are common in the plastics industry. Particularly in medical industry it takes years to release the final product to end users. It is where simulation can be used to significantly reduce or eliminate the time. A process simulation, whether it's for the design of a new process or the optimization of an existing one, not only saves resources, but it also makes the product reach market faster, which is critical when the deadline is approaching.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, around 15 different companies, including Arburg, Wacker, Polar-Form, and SIGMA Engineering, worked together to set up mass production for medical mouth-nose masks in a very short time. Simulation in process design and virtual molding, in addition to the commitment of all partners involved, contributed to the quick success. This presentation explains how we achieved that.
Devadass Vimalanand
Technical Manager, MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

Vimal pursued his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wolverhampton and Master degree in Engineering Business Management from Coventry University. Started his career in plastic manufacturing industry in Singapore and worked for several multi-national companies in medical, automotive and consumer products manufacturing environments. From his last 18 years of experience in this industry, he built up vast practical knowledge in plastic processing, project leadership and production management. He is certified in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Singapore Management University and Project Leadership and Planning (PLP). He started working at MAGMA engineering from 2018 and his main responsibilities are taking care of the engineering, training and customer support for SIGMASOFT® in the Asia Pacific region.
Devadass Vimalanand
2Kloeckner Pentaplast (Thailand) Ltd
Presented By: Kloeckner Pentaplast (Thailand) Ltd
Topic: The Importance of International Compliance and Robust Logistics for Medical Device Packaging Film in Asia

The Medical Device market in Asia is fast growing. Besides volumes as well the standards and regulatory requirements are increasing. Medical Devices are produced and used in Asia and exported to all parts of the world, requiring a robust supply chain and a high level of compliance for all components. In this process, packaging plays an important role to protect and ensure the sterility throughout the life cycle.

Klöckner Pentaplast is a leading and well-established producer of Rigid Films for Medical Device Packaging with production sites all over the world. KP has established production of high value Medical Device packaging films made of PETG, PET and PVC in Rayong, Thailand.

The presentation takes you in the journey how kp supports the development and growth of Medical Devices in Asia by offering packaging films with certified compliance to international standards like ISO 11607 and ISO 10993 and short logistics within the region.
Hans-Dieter Laux
Business Director, Klöckner Pentaplast

Hans-Dieter Laux joined the Hoechst AG in 1983 and moved to Klöckner Pentaplast in 1996 as part of a merger. He has worked for kp in several markets for packaging and technical applications for polymer materials and has more than 25 years of experience in the Pharma and Medical packaging market. Before he started his current global role as Business Director for Cold Form Foil and Medical Device Films 7 years ago, he was responsible for the Pharmaceutical and Medical business in the EMEA region.
Hans-Dieter Laux
3FAULHABER Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Presented By: FAULHABER Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Topic: FAULHABER Applications and New Products 2022

We are part of FAULHABER Group, headquartered in Schönaich, Germany – a worldwide reputable Micro-Drive Systems manufacturer. Our wide variety of miniature drive solutions are extensively used in numerous Medical and Laboratory Automation applications such as Sample Distribution, Point-of-Care, Dental Devices, Exoskeletons and Prosthetics, as well as Surgical Robots and Tools. FAULHABER drive technologies can be configured conveniently and securely integrated by using standardised interface to suit our customers’ specifics and applications.

Every application needs a drive for motion. Today, our speaker will present on our motor solutions and capabilities in the Medical and Laboratory Automation markets, as well as FAULHABER new and upcoming products of 2022.
Dan Jen
Sales and Application Engineer, FAULHABER Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Dan is an experienced Sales & Application Engineer with many years of experience in the Electrical and Electronics Industry. An affable team player with the drive to seek the best outcomes for our customers.
Dan Jen

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